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Author, Healer, Permaculturist, Former Registered Nurse


About Me

Hi! Welcome to my personal, official site! Here is a little bit about me and all my diverse projects – please do feel free to get in touch about any one of them!

A Bit of Background:
I grew up in beautiful Oxford, UK before obstinately packing my bags and heading off to Cairo, Egypt after I finished University. In Cairo I met my future husband and after we married we moved straight to Sydney, Australia to study for our Master’s Degrees. I am a Philosophy and Theology Graduate (University of Durham, UK) and Masters qualified Registered Nurse (University of Sydney, Australia). I am a Former RN, a Reiki Master, Author, and a Permaculture do-er/be-er.

My Work



The Little Bush Nurse Series

The Little Bush Nurse is a gorgeous Australian themed Picture Book series for ages 0-100! Each glossy, beautifully illustrated book encompasses themes of health: aiming to inspire and empower young readers to take full ownership of their health and wellness.


Energy Healing


Naomi is a Reiki Master. She offers Skype consultations and home based sessions for those North of Sydney. Please email her yoursoulhealth@outlook.com for information, or check out www.yoursoulhealth.com


Children's Eco Series - Youtube

Muddy Earthlings

I have recently created and implemented an eco-themed You Tube series for children called Muddy Earthlings. This series aims to introduce and educate children about eco issues, sustainability, permaculture and basic gardening with an overall aim of igniting their own passion to be in nature and care for this Planet.


Cosmic Work

Project Starseed

I’ve long been passionate about the stars and have become increasingly fascinated in our Cosmo-Genetic history as a (multidimensional) species. I founded Project Starseed in 2017, an ‘I am Starseed’ grassroots movement aiming to unite and ignite humans with this similar awareness, level of consciousness and passion, working on co-creating timelines that see the inhabitants on Earth become active and open members of the Galactic Community.


Former Registered Nurse

EX-Nurse Naomi

My earliest point of entry to the internet was of course via my blog, "Nurse Naomi". This blog explored my personal journey to understanding health and wellness as a mother and registered nurse and gradually reveals my transformation from a relatively mainstream, albeit philosophical, nurse to an open minded thinker, aware of both the strengths and short comings of our current health care model. I am passionate about Integrative methods of approaching health and healing yet fully appreciate what 21st medicine has to offer. I surrendered my registration in 2020 because I felt a lack of alignment with serious systemic issues within medicine and nursing including  a restriction on freedom of speech and censorship regarding matters of urgent importance that are impacting upon public health


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